We’ve reached the half-way point of marathon training! It’s all down-hill from here!….not.

Okay, okay. No more jokes. We’re half-way through training and things are going well. My body is holding up well, besides occasional soreness and tightness. My nutrition is getting better. I went a little off the wagon with vacations and such recently, but things are leveling out again. And running itself is still fun. Here’s a recap of the last two weeks:

Week 8 (8/4 – 8/10)

Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

  • Monday: Cross training day! 2o minutes on the step-mill (haven’t used one of those since college!) then two weight circuits (upper and lower body)
  • Tuesday: 1 hour yoga class in the morning. Then 4.5 pace miles after work. 1 mile warmup, 2.5 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile cool down. 2-a-days!
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles (9:44 min/mile) plus 20 minutes of core work.
  • Thursday: 7 miles up and down the Newton hills. The weather was perfect! (9:39 min/mile)
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: cut-back week 10-mile long run (9:54 min/mile).
  • Sunday: Rest day

chicago marathon training


Week 9 (8/11 – 8/17)

Chicago marathon taining week 9

  • Monday: HIIT — one hour
  • Tuesday: 4 miles outside at 9:15 min/mile.
  • Wednesday: Thanks to a rainy day, I had to take my 7 easy miles inside. 9:50 min/mile
  • Thursday: 3 mile progression run. 1 mile warmup at 10:00min/mile, increasing each .5 mile by 0:30 min/mile until I hit 3 miles. Then 25 minutes of weights. My arms were torched at the end!
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: 15 miles with Stephanie. Things are getting real! 10:07 min/mile
  • Sunday: 1.5 hour vinyasa at the gym. Felt good to stretch everything out after 15 miles the day before.


Overall, I’m happy with the last two weeks. I’ve made it the goal of August to make sure I keep incorporating yoga, weight training, and core work into my routine. I did good these last two weeks—I got to yoga once a week, and did some weight training twice a week. My weight training routine always includes some core work or some moves that also activate the core. It’s all about function, people! I want to find some more runner-specific core movements to add in as well.

15 miles was tough last week. It helped to have someone with me to keep me occupied, but I worry that come race day I will suffer from not having a buddy with me to push me through. I ran Marine Corps with Brittany until mile 22. Having someone to chat with was so helpful, but I’m running Chicago by myself. It’s all a mental game, so I’ve been working on going out sans-music so I can focus on me and my body and the run.

Goals for this week and next:

  • Schedule another massage appointment.
  • Continue the weight training/yoga/core workout trend.
  • Foam roll more often.


Readers: Does anyone have a few runner-specific core exercises I can try? How is your training going?



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