A Make-Over Weekend

by Sarah on August 25, 2014 · 2 comments

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Make-overs are awesome. I’m a sucker for any make-over show. Extreme Home Makeover, House Hunters, any makeover segment on the Today show, you name it! I find that when things feel a bit “stuck,” then it’s time for a makeover. Bernie and I did a little bedroom makeover last weekend and its starting to reinvigorate my excitement for home improvement projects. Bernie and I have a looooonnnngggg list of things we want to do to the condo before we sell in a few years. We’ve slowly but surely crossed a few big ones off the list, like the electrical upgrades we did last fall and installing our new kitchen floor. One space that has desperately needed some TLC is our back porch. So this past weekend, my dad came and helped us makeover our deck.

The one thing I love about our deck is how peaceful it is back there. Even with the train running just up the street and a busy road a couple buildings away, our back deck is a bit of an oasis, thanks to all the the trees separating our building from the one behind us. Buttttttttt the decking has always looked a bit worse for wear.

deck before

deck before

The railings were completely rusted over, and the decking was constantly peeling. I hated walking out there barefoot, for fear of getting a gnarly splinter. Koji was constantly eating something out there, hopefully sticks and leaves and not rust or paint chippings.

After some research, my dad and I decided on using Behr’s Deck Over, which paints and seals old wood. Since we don’t get very much sunlight on the covered porch, we went with a warm brown to lighten it up. We also decided to paint our sad metal railings. We spent Friday cleaning and prepping the decking and scrubbing the rust off the railings and spray painting them a glossy black. It was pretty incredible how quickly we prepped the railings — there was almost no paint left. It was all rust. I’m pretty much in love with how they look now. The difference is staggering!

deck after

Dad and Bernie painted the deck on Saturday while I was out on my 16-mile long run. The deck wood itself has some flaws, but only the condo association can make structural changes to the deck. It wasn’t bad enough to actually replace and of the boards, so we just went with it as is. We scrubbed the deck clean and filled any holes or large cracks with wood filler on Friday. Saturday morning the boys got the first coat on the deck by hand with brushes. I was already impressed with how great it looked! Then in the afternoon they put down coat number two and I could finally see the transformation! Thanks Dad for all your help! Best handyman I know!

deck after | Behr Deck Over

Yeah…didn’t realize how close the color was to our deck furniture. Oops. Looks like we’re getting some outdoor pillows to offset all the brown.

Deck after | Behr Deck Over

Now, let’s just see how the Deck Over holds up. I’ve seen mixed reviews online, but I’m hoping that because the deck is covered and gets little to no direct light, it will hold up a little better.

I also have been been craving a style make-over, so I bit the bullet and scheduled a cut and color appointment for my hair. I was craving some more blonde and also wanted to make a bit of a change. My hair has grown so long over the last year and a half, and it was starting to look a bit sad. It just sort of hung there and tended to get really stringy. Oh, the woes of having fine hair. So I chopped it all off—about 5 inches of it. I always kept my hair short in high school and early college. Only recently have I grown it past my shoulders. I immediately felt like I lost 10 pounds off my head. Now I just have to start playing around with it. I forgot what it’s like to style short hair. I wonder what my curling wand will do to it…..? So many things to try out!

hair before

short hair

Here’s to a fresh deck, a fresh haircut, and a fresh week!

Readers: What was the last thing that you “made over?”

Are you a fan of home improvement projects or do you avoid them?

Tell me your worst hair nightmare!

Mine has to be when I dyed it brown in high school and it came out red. I spent at least 4 hours at the salon trying to fix it!


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