Workout Wednesday {1.28.15}

One of the best parts about having a blog is that it keeps me accountable. Posting my weekly workouts for all to see is a good motivator to get out there an bust out that tempo run even when I just want to stay in bed. Since we all need a little extra motivation this winter, I thought I would start posting my workouts every Wednesday from the prior week.

Weekly Workouts {1/19 – 1/25}

Chicago Marathon Training

  • Monday: 1 hour Afterburn class (HIIT) — crab walks are so hard!
  • Tuesday: 5 miles after work, 8:44 min/mile. Not sure where the speed came from, but I just went with it.
  • Wednesday: Heartbreak Hill Run Club! (4.6 total miles)

Heartbreak Hill Run Club workout[source]

  • Thursday: 3 easy miles on the treadmill (10:00 min/mile), plus a quick strength circuit
  • Friday: 6 early miles, 9:39 min/mile
  • Saturday: rest — wedding venue shopping!
  • Sunday: 4 mile progression run (10:00, 9:30, 9:00, 8:30) plus some core work

Miles: 23

After a couple weeks hovering around 15-20 miles it felt good to run a bit more this week. It was a good balance of strength work, quick runs, and hill work. Of course, Blizzard Juno changed the schedule a bit this week, so we’ll see what next week’s Wednesday Workouts looks like. I have no goals in terms of hitting a certain mileage every week or a number of workouts. I’ve been following the mindset of “do what feels good” which is why I chose to run on Sunday instead of heading to yoga. I had a ton of energy and just wanted to get it out with a progression run. This week is going to be interesting with the snow. The gym was closed yesterday and tbd what the roads will look like for running in the next few days.

Readers: What’s your favorite kind of workout?

How do you deal with bad weather and fitting in fitness?