If you’re a long-time reader of BB, you already know how much I love compression socks. They’re a great recovery tool after a long run or hard workout, or as some extra support during a race. One of my favorite brands of compression gear is Pro Compression.

Pro Compression

pro compression

Why is Pro Compression so great? For one, they’re made in the USA. Secondly, they constantly have deals and discounts such as their ‘Sock of the Month’ (make sure you sign up for their email list to get the deals!) Their socks are a true graduated sock with arch support, have stabilization zones through the sides to mid foot, and are made of wicking material to help prevent blisters. Plus, they come in every color under the sun and have some pretty awesome designs.

Pro Compression

When SweatPink provided me the opportunity to try Pro Compression’s calf sleeves, I jumped on the chance! For me, compression socks are perfect for after-run recovery and compression sleeves are my go-to for mid-run support. I ordered a pair of white compression sleeves and within 3 days, they arrived in my mailbox. Talk about service!

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves

Tan legs + white compression socks = Summertime winning combo

I took my socks on a spin during my 7 mile cutback long run and they performed perfectly! The sleeves provided the perfect amount of compression, stayed cool in the heat, and never slipped or bunched up. My calves have always been a bit of a problem area for me. They tend to be the first muscle to lock up and get really tight during and after runs. I noticed that after wearing the sleeves, my legs felt looser all day than they normally do. Plus, white looks pretty snazzy in the Summertime. These sleeves will be a great addition to my running gear rotation.

If you want to try Pro Compression for yourself, use discount code “PINK” for 40% off your order. Visit the site, shop around! If you’ve been on the fence about trying compression gear, use the 40% off and try them out!

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Readers: Have you ever tried compression gear?

Are you a fan or not?

What’s your favorite ways to recover after a hard run?

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