1 week of taper down, 2 more to go until marathon day! My body has really been craving the extra rest and I didn’t realize that until I hit the taper. My feet and calves have taken a beating this time around and I’m noticing everything loosen up with the extra rest. I still did some lower-body strength workouts this past week, but after experiencing extra soreness, I’m cutting those out from now on. I don’t need the soreness or the possibility of injury for the sake of strength right now. I need to allow my body to heal and recover and get stronger through rest. Here is the week that was:

9/22 – 9/28

Chicago Marathon Training Week 16

  • Monday: 45 minutes of strength. 500m rowing repeats, then a strength workout with battle ropes, kettlebell swings, renegade T’s, curtsey squats, single leg deadlifts, and bosu moves.
  • Tuesday: 5 miles, 9:40 min/mile pace. Easy.
  • Wednesday: 8 miles, 9:30 min/mile pace. For some reason, this run was NOT easy. Very tired.
  • Thursday: 4 miles, 1 mile warm-up, 2 miles at 9:00 min/mile, 1 mile cool-down. Plus 30 minutes of more strength and core work.
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: 12 mile long run, 9:49 min/mile pace. My hamstrings and hips were SORE for the first couple of miles, but then they loosened up. Note to self: no more strength training until after the marathon!
  • Sunday: rest day/apple picking!


Overall, not a bad week. But I did fall victim to taper trap: I felt like I had to do more, not less. The goal of taper is to cut back your mileage and give your body some time to rest before the big race. With two weeks left before race day, my goal this week is to stretch and foam roll as much as possible. Yoga is more my friend than the weight room is right now. I already went to yoga yesterday and will most likely go on Sunday as well.

One thing that is on my mind now that training is winding down is what I’m going to do after training is over. I am seriously thinking about giving my body a break from marathons for a while. But that’s for another post on another day :). But I am thinking about giving my home a little more love. There’s something about the start of a new season that has me all excited about revamping my spaces. Painting our kitchen has been on the list for a while, and now I’m thinking of adding a little living-room revamp to the list.

new furniture[the current state of our living room on the bottom + a new rug]

We’re getting a new couch because our cheap leather couch decided to shed it’s leather skin this spring. Leather pieces everywhere! I’m leaning toward a sectional in a lighter color on the wall to brighten the room up a bit. It feels so dark right now with the darker furniture and couch. We also recently got a brighter blue rug and I love the idea of a sandy, beachy room. I’m scouring Pinterest for ideas and am getting excited about a new project.

living room revamp


living room revamp


living room revamp


Readers: Does the change in seasons make you want to makeover anything? Your wardrobe? Spaces? Anything else?

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