The Greatest Monday in Boston

First off – I’m back! Blonde Bostonian got a nice little upgrade over the weekend. Thanks to the work of my friend Matt, (thanks Matt!) the blog was seamlessly transferred over to my new self-host. The design is still very much a work in progress. I need some time to tweak pages, photos, widgets, and customizations. The blog will vary in appearance all this week, just bear with me.


Happy Marathon Monday!

Today is the greatest Monday in Boston. The city is crawling with runners. This is the only weekend of the year that Newbury Street is overrun with people rockin’ running sneakers and Boston Marathon jackets instead of designer handbags and Tory Burch flats. I love it!

The weekend kicked off with a visit to the Marathon expo on Saturday morning. Steph and I walked in and were in awe of some of the crazy booths. Brooks had a “heaven” booth, where they were analyzing runners’ gates using cameras and treadmills.

At the expo, I picked up some awesome gear. New CEP compression socks (I recently got the sleeves), a handheld water bottle, and an armband for my iPhone.

Steph and I also picked up our numbers for the B.A.A. 5k the next day. (How cool are those shirts?!)

As we walked around, we got more and more inspired by everyone around us. The energy was infectious. We wanted to run the race, too! Steph is running her first marathon in the fall, the NYC Marathon. I’m also interested in running one, and right now she and I have a tentative plan to run a marathon together next fall, 2013. Who knows – maybe even Boston 2014?

Sunday morning came bright and early. Around 6:30, I had my normal pre-run breakfast of nut butter toast and banana. This one included Ezekiel bread, barney butter crunchy almond butter, and banana + H2O.

There are a lot of cool things about the B.A.A. 5k. One is that you get to run a race with not only your fellow everyday runners, but also the elite runners. Desiree Davila and I ran the same race – how cool is that? Another cool thing, is that you get to cross the Boston Marathon finish line as the 5k finish line, an experience that is usually reserved for those running the big race on Monday.

Steph and I joined the crowd a few minutes before the start, and then we were off! I had planned on trying to actually running the race like a race. I have been feeling really strong and fast lately, and I felt like I had a PR in me, but this race had other plans. It was super crowded – over 6,000 runners on the streets of Boston. The first mile or so was a mess. We were jumping over curbs and cones left and right, and not because we wanted to. It was a very tight race. Oh well. After a mile, I knew a PR wasn’t going to happen. So Steph and I just sat back and enjoyed the race. It was pretty easy, flat, and fun. Our splits clearly show how tough the first couple miles were. We were on top of everyone – there was no where to go.

We crossed the Boston Marathon finish line with a halfway decent race. Not fast, not impressive, but still solid. Official finishing time: 28:54.

We were quickly corralled into the tents to pick up our race medals and some goodies.

After some much needed showers, we met up with our guys and Devon for brunch at Charley’s. Overall, a very successful marathon weekend so far.


And now begins Marathon Monday activities. Our sign is made, our game faces are on, and our screaming voices have been warmed up. I’ll be back tomorrow for a full Boston Marathon recap, but for now, enjoy your Monday – and GOOD LUCK RUNNERS!!!!


Readers: Do you find races that are over-packed to be annoying or fun? Have you ever been to/ran in/watched the Boston Marathon. How was your weekend?