WIAW #4: Trying New Things {What I Ate Wednesday}

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is another installment of What I Ate Wednesday. Head over to Peas and Crayons to join in on the fun! After a weekend full of weird/random/not-so-healthy eating, I was craving veggies today!


I made a batch of overnight oats since it’s WAYYYY too hot for oatmeal. Boston got up to the 80’s again today. Added to today’s mix is a dash of cinnamon, strawberries, crunchy Barney Butter, and granola. With a big glass of water on the side, it was a filling breakfast.




Lunch was a Greek salad with baby greens, cucumber, tomato, and feta. I also had a passion fruit Chobani and some Cascadian Farm multi grain squares. Don’t mind my name on my Chobani – it happens when you live with three other girls who all love Chobani and buy it regularly.

Snack (unpictured)

A mini Larabar that I snagged from the Marathon expo on Saturday. I’ve never had the coconut flavor before and I like it!



I’ve been craving a new and creative recipe for pasta for a while now. I’m a carb girl through and through, but spaghetti with red sauce and ravioli gets old real fast. I saw this recipe for creamy butternut squash pasta on Chelcie’s blog a little while ago and it looked so yummy and easy, I HAD to try it!

The verdict? It was AMAZING! Easy, creamy, and delicious. Win, win, win. I used whole wheat penne and plain hummus and it was delicious.

While I waited for dinner to finish cooking, I blogged and drank a chocolate protein powder drink. Protein powder+ice+water. Yum.

Yuck, I need a manicure!


Anyway – so that was my day of eats! Tell me about yours! Any recipes you’re loving now? Have you ever try a fellow blogger’s recipes to find out that it’s just as delicious as you thought?


  1. Laura says:

    That pasta looks amazing! I have a butternut squash that was waiting for a fun new recipe, might have to try it! Your overnight oats sound really good, too. I keep forgetting to set it up the night before and end up cooking some in the morning, but you’re right- it’s definitely getting too warm for that!

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