Ignoring My Body

by Sarah on April 20, 2012 · 9 comments

in Fitness,Half Marathon,Running

I don’t know about you, but this week was tough. Really tough. I felt like I never got caught up on sleep or felt well rested when I woke up each morning. Let’s just say I am so excited to get some sleep tonight. I’m meeting up for dinner with a few friends tonight and I can’t wait. It’s going to be a fabulous unwinding night.

Anyway, I started this morning with a yummy breakfast. Chobani+strawberries+Uncle Sam’s cereal/granola.

Yesterday I left work with a lot on my mind. My body was tired and my mind was going in a million directions. It was one of those days where my mind said, “go for a run!” and my body said, “sit on the couch!”. I decided to listen to my head and set out for a quick run. I wanted to try out my new compression socks I picked up from the marathon expo last weekend, as well as an armband for my iPhone.


Once I got outside, I was glad I went for the run. My legs were a little sore from the weights workout I did Wednesday night, but I knew a run would make them feel better. I liked the compression socks. Dare I say I kinda like them more than the sleeves? I definitely plan on using both, especially the socks for recovery. I also like the armband. It’s a Nathan Sonic Boom arm band. It’s light and the touch screen isn’t blocked by the plastic.

I ended up doing a little bit short of 6 miles. I needed it. My mind needed it. I feel so much better. I actually ran into Steph on my run around mile 5. She and I chatted for a little bit and ran about half-way around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir together before I broke off to head home. It brought back fun memories of half-marathon training together.

I wasn’t trying to run for time or anything – I just wanted to run. Mile 3 looks funny because I walked for a minute or two and stretched out my sore legs.

After my half-marathon, I looked up new training plans to use once I start training for the next half in October. I am going to use another Hal Higdon plan – the intermediate plan. I want to improve my half and I think I can. I noticed in my last training that my body reacted pretty well to the high mileage weeks, so I think I can handle the higher frequency of runs. I also found myself doing my own speed work, but it wasn’t regimented or planned out properly.

While also researching plans, I came across this VODT running calculator from sports scientist Jack Daniels. By entering your PR for a certain race, you can calculate what times you should finish other distances in or at what speed you should be running various training runs. I entered in my 5k pr (27:03) and this is what I got:

It all makes sense. This would put me at a 2:04 half marathon finish, which is 8 minutes faster than my last! Yeah buddy! Of course I’d love to break 2 hours, but I’m not going to push myself too much for only my second half. The one thing that seems a bit challenging is the 10:56 easy/long run pace. That’s so slow. I don’t think I ever even ran that slow! It’s going to be a challenge to slow down. I also notice that I run a lot of my everyday runs near “tempo” pace. I guess I need to slow down! Don’t want to get injured!


Have you ever used the Jack Daniels VODT calculator? Were you surprised by the results? How do you deal with a stressful day? My escape is always a good run. Any fun plans this weekend?