Friday Link Love

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a great day and a fabulous weekend. I plan on doing nothing! It’s going to be amazing.

Since it’s Friday, I wanted to leave you guys with a few of my favorite things from the internet.


  • With the beginning of the new month, many of us are making new goals to work on during the month of May. There are many reasons why May is going to be an awesome month. Buzzfeed has a lot of reasons.


  • Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of my graduation from college! Today, the Northeastern University class of 2012 will walk across that stage and graduate! Congratulations guys! I recently wrote a guest post for the blog, Forever Twenty Somethings, about my experiences with post-grad depression. Check it out now!


  • There’s a new app available to help you count your calories and lead a healthier lifestyle. mixes calorie counting and healthy living with a gaming feel. As you track your calories and exercise, you get points for making healthy choices. They took important healthy habits, such as getting more veggies in your diet into 7-30 challenges that you can check-into and track everyday to gain points. It sounds like a really cool app. It builds healthy habits in a fun, challenging way. Talk about taking the intimidation factor out of losing weight! Check it out!


What are some of your favorite links? Happy weekend!


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