Home Improvement Weekend

Good morning, friends! This weekend seemed to fly by so quickly, but so does every weekend. I’m getting more and more excited for the weeks to fly by because I have so much to look forward to this summer. Bernie and I head to Key West for a week long vacation in a few weeks! It’s going to be paradise! I’m also looking forward to August because that’s when I’ll be moving into Bernie’s condo with him. I’ve been helping him decorate the place and make it feel like home, and it’s now starting to feel like my home too. We put the finishing touches on his hallway gallery wall recently. All the frames are black, but some are more ornate and some are simple wood frames. A few other items such as the Pottery Barn keys and a cross I got when I went to Ireland with my family round out the look. I really like it – now we just have to find some photos to put in the frames.

On Sunday, Bernie and I woke up a little tired from our night out, but we still wanted to get some condo things done. We’ve been thinking about getting a bedroom set for a while now. We checked it out at a local furniture store, Bernie and Phyl’s, a few months ago. We decided to wait for a little while before making the big purchase, but with my impending move coming up in about 2 1/2 months, we thought, “why not?!” I’ve always loved furniture stores – having all of the different styles of furniture in one place is really fun. We settled on a black wood set that we had our eye on for a few months. After some paperwork, it was done! Back when we initially looked at the set in New Hampshire a few months ago, Bernie asked if he could get a discount because his name was Bernie, like the store. The sales person laughed at him – I’m sure they get that question a lot. Once again, he asked, and was met with rejection. Sorry Bernie! It was pretty funny though – the sales people loved it.

Afterward, we headed off to the mall to pick up a birthday gift for my baby cousin and do a little pre-Key West shopping. I ended up with a couple shirts and a sore back. I did not think we would be doing so much walking today! Holy moly! My legs/back/hips are killing me.

Saturday was a pretty low key day. We spent the day watching the Kentucky Derby, clean up the condo, and relaxing. Earlier in the day I decided to go for a run. As I went out, I noticed how humid the air was. It was HEAVY! Before I knew it I was drenched in sweat. As I was running, I remembered that I had read a blog post about the blend 5k that I had read about on Laura’s blog, Becoming the Odd Duck. The Blend 5k was a virtual 5k that a bunch of bloggers were going to be taking part in. You could do the 5k wherever or whenever you wanted, as long as you did it the 5th or the 6th. I decided to do a really leisurely 5k since it was so hot out and the humidity was making it difficult for me to breathe.

Easy 5k – Done! You can see how humid it was – there was sweat on the top strap of the garmin. And that was our weekend!

Readers: How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you enjoy weekend that are more busy or leisurely? I think I enjoy a nice balance of both, which we definitely had this weekend. What did you do this weekend – share!


    • blondebostonian says:

      I love it too – definitely a great way to bond. Can’t wait to hear your half-marathon recap!

  1. Devon says:

    I love that wall! Your condo is going to look so amazing. You are on a whole other level of ‘real-world’ than me. I’ll be ecstatic when the day comes that I can match (and afford) furniture. haha. My best weekends are ones that are productive AND fun. A little bit of working out, cooking, hanging out with friends, enjoying city life and vegging.

    • blondebostonian says:

      Yeah…the whole ‘real world’ thing is a little frightening. Once I move in, I want to have the girls all over one night. No one has seen the place yet! Except for Steph when the bathroom was still somewhat gutted.

  2. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says:

    This is great! Decorating, redecorating, spiffing up… all such fun things to do and of course you feel even better when it’s all over and everything looks nice πŸ™‚
    I had a nice weekend enjoying my last full weekend as an undergrad!

    • blondebostonian says:

      I can’t wait for things to start falling into place. I love being able to cross off things on the “to-do” list.

      Congrats on finishing undergrad! Woo!

  3. Laura says:

    I’m so glad you joined us for the 5K! Thank you πŸ™‚

    PS I LOVE all the home decor. That’s one of my favorite areas of life πŸ™‚

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