Friday Link Loves

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so happy that this week is finally over. I’m looking forward to a nice 3-day weekend, especially since the Boston weather looks like it’s going to finally improve for the weekend! This is also the last weekend before Bernie and I leave for a week in Key West, Florida. I am counting down the hours until this trip, it can’t come soon enough! I have a lot to do this weekend before the trip. I’ve already stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up the necessary snacks for the week (peanut butter filled pretzels are VERY necessary) and have to stop by Target and CVS for some final toiletries. Bernie and I are also headed to the Outlet stores this weekend to get some summer clothes. They’re having a big sale for Memorial day – I planned this really well, huh!?

Also – Since I will be on vacation for a week, and plan on doing minimal blogging, I am need of some guest posts! If you would like to guest post for Blonde Bostonian, send me your post via email ( by Wednesday May 30th. Can’t wait to read them!

Before I leave you guys for the weekend, I wanted to leave you with some links I’m loving lately.

  • I have a question for you. If you’re traveling at 80 mph in a car, how long does it take you to go 80 miles? Stupid question, right? Apparently not. This girl tries to figure this out for about 5 minutes and it’s PAINFUL! She gives us blondes a bad name. PS – I loved how she brought in her running ability in it “Well, if I run a 9 minute/mile…then the car….”. Super funny!

  • Comedian Andy Samberg of SNL fame gave a speech at Harvard University’s “Class Day”, which is what they call their graduation day. It was funny and light humored. Honestly, inspiring graduation speeches are great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to have a speaker who just makes you laugh. I was not inspired by my graduation speakers, I couldn’t even tell you their names, but I know that it didn’t make me leave graduation more inspired and ready to tackle my life. I wish we had a funny, smart, and relevant speaker like Samberg.


Readers: What do you have planned for this holiday weekend? Any fun plans? Any one else taking advantage of Memorial Day sales? 😉