Shop ’til I Drop

Happy Monday everyone! First off, I’d like to thank Ashley for featuring my guest post on her blog, My Food N’ Fitness Diaries. It was fun to write and share with everyone. Transitioning from being a rider to a runner has been a long and tough one, but it goes to show that sometimes one door has to close to allow another door to open. Thanks Ashley!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long Memorial Day weekend. I have today off of work, but I wanted to fill you in on some adventures from this weekend. After a relaxing, quiet Friday night filled with pizza, beer, and the Red Sox game, Bernie and I got up early on Saturday morning to head out to the Wrentham Outlets.


Since our trip to Key West was fast approaching and we both needed summer clothes, we decided that the outlets were our best bet for getting a good deal. I was honestly a little overwhelmed when we first pulled up in the parking lot. There were SO MANY STORES! Where do I start?! Bernie and I also don’t shop well together. He gets bored with me and always looses his patience, so I knew the outlets were a good way for both of us to be able to shop individually and together at the same time.

After about 5 hours of walking around and trying to walk around the crazy Memorial Day crowds, we left with some pretty good haul. I did some major damage at the JCrew outlet, picking up some skirts and tops for work. I was really happy with what I found.

I also went to the Gap outlet and found shorts for $15! SCORE! I also finally found a maxi dress that fits me and looks really flattering. I can’t wait to wear it in Key West. I already have visions of sunsets and fruity drinks!

Of course, I couldn’t go to the outlets without walking into the Under Armour store. I left with a cool-max t-shirt in a bright blue color. Can’t wait to try it out.

After our shopping trip and a quick early-bird-special dinner, I went home to unload my haul. Honestly, I was exhausted. 5 hours of shopping and every part of my body hurt; my feet were aching, my back was on fire, and my legs felt like bricks. I felt like a wilting flower in the 90 degree heat. Bernie on the other hand was a master shopper. He spent more than I did, got more than I did, and felt 100 times better than I did when we were finished. I don’t know how that happened. I was shopped OUT, but he could have kept going. Crazy.

When I got home, waiting on my doorstep was a package from the lovely Hayley. I had recently won a giveaway for Love Grown granola on her blog and I couldn’t wait for those babies to get here so I could try them out. I gotta tell ya – probably some of the best granola I’ve had in a while. I love this stuff! Thanks, Hayley!

Also – PS friends. Don’t forget – If you would like to write a guest post for Blonde Bostonian during my vacation next week, send me your post to by Wednesday night and I’ll take a look. You don’t have to be a blogger to be a guest post writer!

Readers: How are you spending your Memorial Day weekend? Any shoppers out there? Are you a good shopper or do you tend to wilt like I do? Favorite stores?