Guest Post: Life Transitions

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Thursday. Today I am happy to share with you a guest post from Laura who is behind the blog Brunnerswold. Today she shares her story all about those transitional moments in life. I think every young twenty-something out there can totally relate. Enjoy!


Hi! I’m Laura and I blog on Brunnersworld. I currently live in New York City but move around a lot for my job. My first grown-up job.

Grown up and on the Empire State Building

It is hard to believe that I have finished my first year out of college already. Finished the first rude, hard, unforgiving year. I have spent the last 6 months being indignant over what a shock the real world has been and especially why no one thought to warn me about it.

Or did they? I didn’t really listen when people told me that high school would seem so inconsequential after I graduate. I didn’t listen when people said I would forget about my first heart break. I didn’t listen when people said that college would be the best four years of my life. And all of those things wound up to be correct.

Best housemates in the world

I also ignored my older friends when they said their jobs were surprisingly tedious, unglamorous, and just tough. That was their experience. It for sure wasn’t going to be mine. And I certainly didn’t listen to my parents when they told me over and over again that the real world is tedious, unglamorous and just tough.

So maybe I was warned. But in typical Laura fashion, I blazed ahead blithely unaware that I had little control of this first year. And as it continued, I became increasingly frustrated with 9-5 work, my long distance relationship, and my friends spread across the country. I disliked it all and was definitely not about to stand and listen to people tell me this is just how it works.

But despite my best efforts to change it all and ruthlessly take control of my struggle bus life, a year passed. My boyfriend and I made it through the first year without a single blow up. My job responsibilities have already increased, and I am in the process of buying a new car and signing a lease.

Dinosaurs are good for relationships!

I am slowly coming to terms with transition. Going into high school was a hard transition, and as much fun as college was, that first year was also uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Was it really that much a of shock that this next transition would also prove challenging? I guess.

Looking back on this past year, I can say that I am proud. I am proud that I got out of my funk before it made me do something drastic. I am proud that I have paid off half of my student loans. I am proud that after taking half a year off of running, I am back. I raced a half-marathon in April and am excited to start training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October.

Martian Marathon!

I think the most important part of transitions is taking time to have a pity party. Transitions suck. Give yourself the time you need to appreciate how much life has changed. And then make yourself get over it. For me, that meant digging back into running. After running my first marathon and feeling burned out, I stopped. And when I needed a constant in my life, running was right there.
So to all your transitioners: the clouds part. The rain slows to a drizzle, even if it doesn’t quit entirely. You adapt. And why not start running while your adapting?
Readers: Can you relate to Laura’s story? I sure can! How do you break out of a life-transition funk?


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