Restoration Resources

by Sarah on June 19, 2012 · 13 comments

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Hello everyone and happy Tuesday to you! This week is already turning out to be another busy one, but I feel like it could possible fly by. Hope for the best, right? So on top of this past weekend’s activity of installing a new floor, my dad and I also went on a little adventure. A few months ago, I had come across an article about Restoration Resources, a store that sells old, period-style antiques and decor pieces that are saved from old homes across New England. They sell everything – from antique furniture and light fixtures, to door knobs and hardware. When my parents bought my childhood home, their intention was to bring the 1920’s Craftsman-style home back to its original luster. It had seen much better days. My dad would frequent stores like this in search of old door knobs and window fixtures, which would improve the home without depleting it of its original charm and authenticity. Today, my parents’ home showcases their hard work, but my dad still loves to look around stores like Restoration Resources.

When I mentioned that I had read about the store one day, he immediately started freaking out. Apparently this place has been on This Old House, HGTV, and in Better Homes and Gardens. He’d been dying to finally make it out to see it. So when he arrived in Friday, I planned on taking a little excursion to the South End to check it out. We arrived and I was immediately blown away. There was soooo much stuff and soooo much to look at!

My decorator’s mind started spinning. There were so many great things that could be re-purposed for decor. My dad on the other hand was in search for a window. Original craftsman style homes often have rectangular windows, placed high up on walls, and often are made up of stained glass. We have 3 in our house, but none of them are stained glass. We think that someone took them out at some point, clearly not really knowing what they were doing. My dad has been on the hunt for authentic windows ever since. Of course, he was drawn to a couple while we were there. He immediately signed up to be on their mailing list. I started walking around and saw a couple of things that really sparked my interest. I saw an old seltzer bottle that I thought would be PERFECT for a little bar cart that Bernie and I plan on putting in the condo. I almost bought it, but decided to wait. I’ll be back! There were also some old movie film boxes (so cool!), an old stove, even a Mercedes!

I’m such a fan of old homes and the amazing decor and architecture in them. It breaks my heart when I see people tear out the character of old homes in favor of adding more modern styles. There is nothing like original wood molding or original fireplace mantels. Once it’s gone, the home loses its character and its story. I love that Restoration Resources is all about salvaging those pieces and selling them back to other do-it-yourself’ers like my dad, who will bring character back into older homes. They also rent out their space and pieces for film sets – very cool! This place would be a set designer’s DREAM!

After walking around the store, we built up an appetite! We headed down the block and ended up at Stephi’s on Tremont, which is a sister restaurant to my much loved Stephanie’s on Newbury. I had the seared yellowfin tuna salad which was AMAZING! My dad got the Newbury street chunky chicken salad, which was served with a slice of Irish soda bread – which made my Irish father very happy. It was nice to get to take my dad to Restoration Resources – a place he’d been dying to go, and it was nice to sort of relax before the craziness of the floor install began.

Readers: Fellow Bostonians: Have you ever been to Restoration Resources? Others: Have you ever been to a restoration shop before? Have you ever done any home improvements/restorations/renovations? Share!