WIAW #15: Veggies and Abs {What I Ate Wednesday}

As many of you in the blogging world know, Wednesdays mean ‘WIAW’. For the last 15 weeks (cray!) Wednesdays over here on Blonde Bostonian have definitely meant ‘What I Ate Wednesday’. But today also means ‘abs’! This month, Jenn is asking everyone to not only showcase their eats for the day but also different ways that they enjoy fitness.

I used to be really good about ab moves and training my core. As I started running more, I definitely let the core moves go to the wayside. In the last 6 months or so, I’ve definitely tried harder to get those ab moves into my workout. It helps me run faster and stronger, and keeps my hips in check. I’ve been using an app called “bit timer“, an interval timer. It is bar far the easiest interval timer app I’ve seen. I’ve been using my bit timer app to complete this plank circuit that I came up with. Try it out!

Now on to the food!


Protein smoothie made up of 1 banana, some almond milk, frozen strawberries, ice, and chocolate protein powder. Paired with a couple energy balls. Yum.


A salad beast with greens, baby tomatoes, black beans, feta, and balsamic. On the side was a lemon Chobani mixed with blueberries and granola. I forgot how much I love the tart lemon flavor!


Caramel Peanut Protein Simply Bar – this is definitely my favorite flavor so far.


An Amy’s Veggie burger topped with jack cheese, a sweet potato topped with roasted red pepper hummus, and roasted Brussels sprouts. This meal was quick, easy, and good. Lately, my weekday meals have NOT been creative. One of my goals for moving in with Bernie is to start experimenting more with different recipes. Now that I have someone else to feed every night (instead of every once in a while) I am gonna have to get creative. Plus, it’s a lot more interesting for you guys than my normal dinners.


Tonight I indulged in a piece of Key Lime pie that I made for Bernie’s birthday. Yum!

Readers: What are some of your favorite eats lately? Have you done any fun workouts lately? What is your favorite type of workout?


    • blondebostonian says:

      I’ve been wanting to try the stevia drops. I love the Chobani flavors, but don’t love the added sugar. I try to avoid the flavored ones, but the lemon was calling my name!

    • blondebostonian says:

      Haha yeah. I only made it because he loves it and I was working from home on a Friday so I had the time. It is a bit time consuming, but only because you have to let it cool before you add the whip cream.

    • blondebostonian says:

      Do it! I don’t remember if it’s free, but if it isn’t, it was definitely worth the money!

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