WIAW #20: Berry Spinach Smoothie {What I Ate Wednesday}

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! You know what that means – it’s WIAW! Since August’s theme is “Summer Staples” I will be sharing a couple smoothie recipes every WIAW for the rest of the month of August, since smoothies are my Summer staple. Last week I shared my recipe for a Chocolate Chunk Protein Smoothie. This week’s smoothie has a little veggie action going on. If you don’t know about WIAW, head over to Jenn’s blog to read a little more.



Start with the milk and then add the berries and Chobani and ice. Mix all together until smooth. If you need more liquid, add more milk a little at a time. Then mix in the protein powder. Finally, add in the handful of spinach at the end. I promise, you won’t taste the spinach at all. This is a great way to sneak veggies into a kid’s breakfast or a fast way to get a serving of vegetables during the day.


Lunch was a pretty boring and typical meal. Another baby green salad + Chobani/fruit/granola.



After a good 4 mile run and a shower, I got started on dinner. Tonight’s dinner was what Bernie called a “Sarah dinner”. Sweet potatoes+veggies+protein=Sarah Dinner. The sweet potato wedges were roasted up with the beans in the oven, paired with grilled chicken marinated in a Caribbean Jerk sauce. Quick, easy, and delicious.


Readers: Have you ever tried putting veggies in smoothies before? Anyone out there make an all green smoothie – I’ve been searching for a good recipe!


  1. Amy says:

    What a tasty sounding smoothie! And that “Sarah Dinner” sounds like my kinda dinner, too. Hope you’re having a great week!


    • blondebostonian says:

      So delicious – but Cho makes any smoothie better! Hope you’re having a great week too, Amy!

  2. Kelly Konevich says:

    Those sweet potatoes look so bomb! I’m sure you can attest to this, but isn’t it so hard eating even semi-healthy around men?! Chris wants everything baked w/ cheese (yum) and butter (double yum) but I’d be huge if I ate that all the time!

    • blondebostonian says:

      Yeah, Bernie is tough. Some days he’s all about it, and others he’s like “screw this – I want a burger.” It’s a challenge for sure!

  3. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says:

    I’ve only thrown spinach in my strawberry banana smoothie, and it wasn’t bad at all! My blender was a little old, so unfortunately there were tiny pieces of spinach, but I couldn’t even taste it. The weirdest thing was it being green, it threw me off! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see you this weekend at HLS!!! When are you driving over? Maybe we can meet up and go in together!
    Sara @ The Foodie Diaries recently posted..This vs. ThatMy Profile

    • blondebostonian says:

      That would be very cool! I’m going over tomorrow probably around 2:00 for the 2:30 talk from Derek from Greatist, and then doing the 4:00 photo mini mingle. I’d love to meet up and walk in together! email me πŸ™‚

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