Link-up Tuesday

Hello friends and happy Tuesday! Is anyone else shocked that we’re more than half-way through the month of September?! This month is flying by. I plan on soaking in Fall next month 100%. It’s still Summer in my mind.

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now:

This video was featured on yesterday and I can’t get enough of it! YaoLi created this time lapse video of various Boston landmarks set to the theme from Inception. It’s incredible and makes me appreciate Boston’s beauty even more. I love this city.

I was recently invited to guest posted for the FitKit Community, an online community where health and fitness enthusiasts share ideas, tips, and wisdom.     In my guest post, I wrote about the essential equipment that every runner really needs, from newbie to seasoned racer.

I also suggest you check out and take Fit Kit’s interactive lifestyle assessment. Based on your specific answers about your current health and wellness habits, the quiz evaluates  your specific health needs and suggests the nutritional supplements you should be taking for optimal health. I took the test and it told me I should be taking more BCAA’s and Protein — check and check! Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s a fun and interactive test, and the graphics are really good!

My new favorite Twitter feed is @YourAwayMessage. This feed pretty much sums up my instant messenger life from ages 13 – 17. Every tweet is pretty much describes something I did with AIM back in the day. I think this was literally one of my away messages in high school:

<3 Something Corporate! Also – At #HLS12 this year, we talked about instant messenger screen names in my breakout ice breaker group. Mine was IcEtLuVa11. Seriously. I created it in middle school because I really liked Iced Tea, like the drink. Apparently my middle school self didn’t know how to spell Iced Tea correctly or I just thought I was really cool misspelling it. People also used to ask me if it was because I like Ice T – the rapper. No. Not even close. I had the screen name forever, even into my first year of college. Then I just deleted AIM completely when Facebook pretty much took over the world.

That’s all I got — Happy Tuesday!


Readers: Do you remember your AIM screen name? What was one of the most ridiculous/stupid things you did on AIM? I definitely was pretty obsessive about my profile and making sure it was right; colors, fonts, the works.



  1. Sara @ The Foodie Diaries says:

    Haha your away message is by far the funniest thing on Twitter right now! Literally the things they post I KNOW I posted as my “away message”. My first screen name was LTD2FlowerGirl for limited too (because it was my favorite store). Then I upgraded to h0llisterbabi .. I’m cool, I know.

    • blondebostonian says:

      I know! I remember being so excited when we moved off of dial-up so that I could have AIM open 24/7 haha.

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