Quinoa Taco Bites

by Sarah on October 16, 2012 · 8 comments

in Food,Recipes

With my injury, I finally have some time on my hands to put a little more creative thought into my meals. I recently bought a new bag of quinoa (it takes me forever to get through one) and I started to think of some different ways I could use it. I’ve seen many recipes for quinoa muffins or bites on Pinterest lately, so I got to thinking how it would be a great vehicle to use up some left over ingredients in my fridge. One ingredient I have a little too much of right now is taco-seasoned cheese. I bought a 2lb bag of it about a week or so ago for taco night, and have had more than too much of it left ever since. After peaking in my fridge and finding some left over black beans, I knew I could whip up a Mexican flavored quinoa bite really easily.

These bites were simply delicious. They had just a hint of the Mexican seasonings that I love. Topped with some salsa, they were even better! Of course, the seasonings can be adjusted or more can be added according to your tastes. That’s what I love about quinoa bites – substitutions are easy and still delicious.