Five for Friday

1. If you’re like me, you love seafood, specifically wild salmon. I like buying my seafood at Whole Foods instead of the other grocery stores because they practice safe fishing requirements, have fresher seafood, and often have deals like the one going on today. Whole Foods Markets in the USA and Canada are featuring wild-caught Sockeye salmon filets for $7.99/lb. ONLY today! Normally, this stuff is like $16.99 a pound. I’m heading over after work tonight – I hope they don’t sell out! Of course, make sure to check your Whole Foods store’s website or call to make sure they’re taking part.


2. Tomorrow night marks the 1st of many Christmas parties coming up this season. I’m pumped! Bernie and I checked the advent calendar last night and in it was a pair of snowmen earings. Looks like I’ll be wearing those tomorrow night. Poor Bernie is getting shafted with these advent gifts. It’s especially funny because it was his mom who put it together. Clearly someone is not her favorite anymore haha.

3. I loved hearing everyone’s running tidbits in the comments on yesterday’s posts! Read the post and share a little tidbit about your running life!

4. Courtney posted about this earlier this week, but I just wanted to follow up here. Last week, 4 high school kids from the area I grew up in were driving back from a double-date basketball game at a local college. They were suddenly rear-ended by a drunk driver on the highway, which caused their car to flip. Two of the passengers – Chris and Deanna – died in the crash, while the other two were seriously injured. A twitter campaign suddenly went viral for the two kids who lived through the accident. Everyone on Twitter created the hashtags #TebowCallMatt and #MissyCallBailey. Bailey is a huge fan of Missy Franklin the Olympic swimmer and Matt is a huge fan of Tim Tebow. Over the course of the night, the twitter hashtags went crazy and Tebow and Miss actually called them!


How amazing is that?! The whole thing upsets me. These kids had so much hope and promise. They were also 2 couples, torn apart. Both Baliey and Matt no longer have their significant others. A vigil was held earlier this week at one of the high schools and it was heartbreaking. This accident is a reminder that life is precious; anything can happen in an instant.

5. I ran my longest running interval yesterday – 2 miles straight – and the foot feels good! I ran a half marathon 8 weeks ago and 2 miles is the longest I can do right now (safely) but I’m pumped. It’s the little things, people. 3 miles next week!

Happy weekend everyone!


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