Marine Corps Marathon Training: Weeks 8 and 9

I’m back, and so are the weekly training recaps! Here’s how the last two weeks went (get ready, it’s going to be a long one today):

Marine Corps Marathon Training | Blonde Bostonian

Week 8

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 3 mile progression run (9:15, 8:45, 8:30) + some core work
  • Wednesday: 6.5 miles (9:39 min/mile pace) + core and foam rolling
  • Thursday: 3 easy treadmill miles (10:00 min/mile) + some upper and lower body weights
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: “half marathon” day. 13.1 miles at 10:15 min/mile pace. NOT easy.
  • Sunday: 90 minute vinyasa yoga

Weekly mileage: 25

The Good

6.5 miles on Wednesday. I don’t know it it’s the weather, the lack of “long run” pressure, or what, but my mid-week longer runs have been amazing lately. I went out and back on the Newton Hills (crushed Heartbreak Hill) and felt 100% during the whole run. I wanted to keep going, but my growling belly had other plans. Also, pat on the back for going to yoga on Sunday. It was SO needed!

The Bad

My IT bands keep switching which one wants to be evil each week. This week, it’s was the right. For some reason, my legs just felt dead and shredded during my long run on Saturday. They never really loosened up and by mile 12 my right IT band was screaming. And the verdict on why this keeps happening? See the lack of the word “PT” above. Yeah, doing my PT hip exercises was just not a priority last week. Need to change that.

The Ugly

My anger towards our bathtub/shower when I discovered at 10pm Friday night that it wasn’t working. I turned on the faucet and all I got was a scalding hot trickle of water. Not ideal. Our condo building is really old and often has issues with the plumbing, so I thought to myself “let it go, it will be better tomorrow.” Well, Saturday came and our trickle turned into a dry faucet. That meant I couldn’t do an ice bath after my 13.1 situation. NOT a happy camper over here. I had to drag my tired ass to the gym so I could shower after my long run. I may or may not have had a mini freak out Friday night before my run. Goes to show, don’t mess with a runner’s schedule. We are delicate creatures who like routine. Mess with it, and we don’t know what to do. Luckily, Bernie’s family friend and carpenter (who renovated the bathroom) came over and fixed the problem for us. Ice baths for all!


Marine Corps Marathon training | Blonde Bostonian

Week 9

  • Monday: Rest day. Legs still felt like crap after 13.1. That’s what happens when you don’t ice bath!
  • Tuesday:  3 miles AM miles (9:41 min/mile) + core circuit and stretching
  • Wednesday: 7 hot humid miles (10:00 min/mile) + PT hip exercises
  • Thursday:  4 miles on the treadmill (1 mile warmup, 2 miles @ HM pace, 1 mile cool down) + upper/lower body weights and core
  • Friday: 90 minute vinyasa. So needed.
  • Saturday:  10 mile long run (9:46 min/mile)
  • Sunday: rest day (walking around Six Flags all day)

Weekly mileage: 24

The Good

My long run on Saturday was glorious. 10 solo miles. Since I’ve been doing a lot of my long runs with Stephanie, I both dread and look forward to my solo long runs. It’s a great chance to rock out to some music and catch up on podcasts, but I also get scared that I’ll lose the motivation and the support that I sometimes need on longer runs. 10 miles was perfect. The weather was great, my legs felt really good (despite being sore from yoga the day before) and I got my my ice bath this time. Win. Win.

The Bad

Wednesday’s 7 mile run sucked. No, it more than sucked, it was a fail. It was hot, it was humid, it was the first 90+ degree day all month. My body was NOT ready for it. I didn’t bring enough water, I felt light headed at mile 4, and physically ill at mile 6. I changed my route to run near a local running store that puts out a cooler of water everyday for runners. It literally kept me from not passing out.

After I was finished, I tried to remind myself that not every run is perfect – missteps happen. All I can do is learn from it and move on. That’s how I’m most likely going to feel at mile 21 of the marathon, I better embrace it and gain strength from the challenges.

The Ugly

Again, my feet are officially marathoner feet. I have callouses on the balls of my feet and they ARE NOT cute. One ripped open last week and the other has a blood blister under it after this week’s long run. I don’t really know what to do. I have a 15 mile long run this week and I’m a little terrified. I hope my poor feet make it!


  1. Emily Sapp says:

    Loved this post. The long runs on the hot humid days are killing me too, and I thought it was just because I am still super new to training. Keep it up and best of luck!

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