Goals For 2014

by Sarah on December 27, 2013 · 9 comments

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There’s something about the promise of a new year that makes me inspired. A fresh start comes with so much hope and excitement. But it’s also a time to reflect on the year that’s about to end. 2013 was a huge year for me. Let’s look back at how I did against the goals I set for myself almost a year ago.

Goal #1: Have an injury-free year of running.

  • I call this a success. Yes, I was out for about 6-8 weeks in January/February/early March from my Rhabdo hospitalization and my weird foot injury, but there was nothing that physically kept me from running for any extended period of time. I trained and completed my marathon with 0 injuries, so to me, that’s a check in the box.

Goal #2: Run a marathon.

Marine Corps Marathon

Goal #3: Step out of my comfort zone.

  • This was on both a superficial fitness-level and a personal level. I definitely broke out of my comfort zone by training for a marathon, that I cannot deny. But I also surprised myself this year by falling in love with yoga. When I was injured and couldn’t run in February/March, I went to yoga at least once a week and fell in love. I really think that yoga was a big reason why my marathon training cycle was so successful and injury-free. I also ate my pride and went to physical therapy when my doctor told me to (even though I didn’t 100% agree with the reason why she wanted me to go). That also ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made, thanks in part to my PT having my same mentality on injuries, running, and training. Erin is my soul sister.

On a personal level, my theme of 2013 was “Always say yes.” If an opportunity arose where I could go somewhere, do something, or meet someone new I jumped on it. I am a big time introvert (shockingly, I’m totally okay with sharing my life and awkward photos on the internet to strangers) so it’s difficult for me to break from routine. It’s really easy to get comfortable with the day-to-day, but who wants to live that way! When Sara from Eventbrite reached out about being their Boston Blogger last winter I said yes, and had a blast. I tried to force myself to agree to weeknight plans and new adventures with friends. I traveled to visit friends in other cities. I feel like I did a lot this year and made myself get uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is good — I need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Boston College Tailgate

Harpoon Brewery | Blonde Bostonian

50 on fire

Goal #4: Make time for me and reflection.

  • On the flip side, I realized that I needed more time for me in 2013. Well, if you’ve ever trained for a long-distance race like a marathon, you know how much 1-on-1 time you end up spending with yourself. I say I definitely accomplished this. My solo long runs and early morning runs in my neighborhood this summer was my me-time. I learned a lot about myself this year and what I can really do when I set my mind to it. I’m stronger than I thought, more driven than I thought, and crazier than I thought. ( ;) )


So with that look back, let’s talk about 2014. My goals are similar, with some tweaks.

2014 goals | BlondeBostonian.com

Goal #1: Develop myself professionally.

  • Believe it or not, I’m going to be 26 years old in a month (crazy!). I’ve had the same job since I was 22 and while I love it, I feel like I need to work harder to set myself up for success at my current job and in the future. Not 100% sure how I’ll do that, but it’s a goal, right? Gonna work on it.

Goal #2: PR in the marathon.

  • The marathon bug bit me and now I’m hooked. I know I can break 4:26:02, and 2014 will be my year to do it. Not sure on the race yet, but I’m thinking fall again. I liked training in the summer, despite some hot days, and I want to do it again.

Goal #3: Increase my physical strength.

  • I did a pretty good job maintaining a strength routine while I was training for the marathon, but I lost a lot of strength this year from my Rhabdo incident and just running a lot. Yoga helped a ton and my weekly boot camp class does as well, but I want to up the ante in 2014. A marathon PR requires some physical strength along with all the running. I want to maybe try some personal training sessions to get me on the right foot…more to come I’m sure.

Goal #4: Continue to say ‘yes.’

  • This is a continuation of 2013’s goal of breaking out of my comfort zone. A new opportunity arises at work or in life? Say yes. You never know what is on the other side.

Goal #5: Let the little things go.

  • Along with my introvert nature, I also tend to worry. A lot. I’m like a little less neurotic Woody Allen. I stew over the tiniest little details, and inadvertently end up ruining my day, week, or month. I need to stop that. All it does is mess with my mood, my skin, and my home life. Bernie thinks I’m going to send myself to an early grave if I don’t lighten up. So in 2014, I vow to chill out.


Readers: Did you accomplish everything you set out to do this year?

What are your 2014 goals?

PS: Happy New Year!