New Balance Kate Spade Saturday | Barry’s Bootcamp

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining three fellow fitness bloggers and friends for a tough workout at Barry’s Bootcamp. Sherri, Caroline, Athena were all sent to Barry’s c/o New Balance to celebrate their collaboration with Kate Spade Saturday.

These fun shoes are perfect for going from the gym, to errands, to lunch with friends on the weekends. They’re functional and super cute!

New Balance Kate Spade Saturday[source]

The shoes in the collection include the WX811 and the WX711. I received the 811’s. They’re really comfortable and perfect for cross training. I didn’t wear them to Barry’s because I didn’t feel comfortable running in them with half training right around the corner. But they’re really great for any other fitness class that doesn’t involve running. Here’s a little info about the two shoes:

New Balance Kate Spade Saturday


For spring 2015, New Balance introduces a new fitness trainer for women in which science meets style: the 811. Inspired by Kinesiology taping techniques and the aesthetic it creates, the 811 provides bonded lightweight, strategically-positioned support for athletes. The versatile shoe can take women from studio and circuit training to cardio workouts without sacrificing style. The full CUSH+ midsole provides lightweight cushioning, and Fantom Tape technology enhances the mesh upper to deliver dynamic support to move with the foot.



The WX711 features Cush+ technology, providing one of the softest midsole foams offered by New Balance designed to comfortably take you through your whole workout, whether in the gym or the studio. But its extra softness doesn’t mean sacrificing durability. Cush+ is responsive, offering extra bounce to help keep you moving. Forefoot flex grooves enhance flexibility, enabling you to move freely, while a minimal upper construction provides a contoured fit.


This was my first time at Barry’s and I have to say, I was a little nervous going in. My friend Stephanie had told me all about the classes there and how hard they are. This is coming from a fellow marathon runner. So I knew I was in for a really tough workout. All the classes are tabata style, moving from one move to the next without much rest, plus some treadmill intervals. We started on the floor with 12 minutes of strength moves with weights, followed by 12 minutes of sprints and hills on the treadmills, and then repeated again. Each class focuses on a different area of the body for the strength moves. The class we took focused on the back, chest, and abs.

Our moves included a lot of pushups, rows, and chest presses. Well, I found my weak-point—pushups! Man, this marathoner does not have a whole lot of upper body strength! The moves were tough, but I never felt overwhelmed. The instructor, Chad, was a blast! This man had more energy than anyone in the room which was super helpful and motivating when you just want to fall into a puddle of your own sweat. Plus, his playlist included lots of Beyonce, which is never a bad thing.

After 12 minutes on the floor, we went to the treadmills. I honestly wasn’t too worried about the treadmill section going in, but man, it was tough! We did side shuffles, backward shuffles, and hills at 12% incline. YIKES! The sprints at level 9+ were also killer. I just don’t do sprints period. If I do run fast, it’s in a tempo run or during intervals which aren’t supposed to be an all-out effort. It’s definitely something that I should be adding more of into my workouts. The treadmill section challenged both endurance and speed, but also coordination with the side shuffles. I felt like such a goofball! But it was a fun moment in the class that the girls and I just laughed off! Then we repeated both the floor and treadmills again and finished the class with 2 minutes of burpees! YAY!

New Balance Kate Spade Saturday[source]

I was a sweaty mess by the end of class but felt reinvigorated. I ended up having a pretty rough day, but after class I felt relaxed and at peace. Just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a good workout to get your mind in the right place. Plus, it’s always fun to try new things with friends!

Thanks to New Balance for letting us try Barry’s and thanks to Chad for kicking our butts!