Workout Wednesday {2.18.15}

If I sound like a broken record it’s because Boston feels like it’s experiencing a never-ending Groundhog day. Except with each passing day, things get worse. We got another 18 inches of snow over the weekend, which brings Boston’s snow totals to over 7+ feet of snow…in 3.5 weeks.

Boston Snow 2015 | Blonde Bostonian

Now I know that may be hard for some people to understand that amount without any frame of reference or understanding of Boston and its maze of streets. Well, lets just say that you’re better off staying home than trying to go anywhere. Parking in the city is practically impossible. By some miracle I’ve managed to maintain the same parking spot since the snow first fell 3.5 weeks ago, and that’s with driving to work during the week and driving out of town on the weekends for errands or a quick trip to the mall. Yup, miracles still happen. Fingers crossed I can keep it. Bernie is finally feeling 100% and is back at work and it took him 2 hours to travel his normal 30 minute train ride to work. The MBTA pretty much gave up on life after this weekend’s storm. Public transportation is a big clusterfuck of shut down train lines, shuttle buses that never even show up, and delays that last for hours, which all can be explained with my new favorite image ever. Oh and did you hear? It’s going to take 30 days to clean this mess up…unless we get more snow…then it will take forever.

Boston Snow 2015_MBTA map

Walking anywhere isn’t much better. In most cross walks, you’re met with a wall of snow that can pretty much be described as a mini Mt. Everest. I came across this beauty while running last week:

Boston Snow 2015 | Blonde Bostonian

I’m running along and them BAM! A wall of snow…that people are climbing over! That’s a 6-foot wall of snow, blocking a crosswalk, on a busy road. Also note the scary ass icicle that’s as long as the brick building. Terrifying. These days: the norm. Sigh.

There is a silver lining in some of this. I’ve seen lots of people lending a hand; digging out fire hydrants all over the place, helping others push their cars up slippery roads, being extra patient with pedestrians forced to walk in the roads by snow-covered sidewalks. Restaurants are still open and we’ve done our best to give our business to at least 6 or 7 area places in the last 3.5 weeks, a hell of a lot more than we normally do (eating in saves $$…weddings are expensive!) We’ve chatted it up with friends and waiters/bartenders alike and we all have one thing in common: we’re fucking sick of this snow. There’s a lot of venting going on over here. It’s painful, but cathartic. I’ve already made a vow that this Summer is going to be the Summer where I spend 100% of my time outside. Ain’t nobody got time to stay inside when there’s sun and warmth to experience! We’re definitely not going to be taking lazy Saturday afternoons in August for granted.

Okay, enough venting (thanks for listening), onto the workouts. Once again, another week of bonding with the treadmill. I ended up cutting back on mileage this week and it was a welcomed break. I’m getting really worn out with all the shoveling and needed to just sort of listen to my body this week.

  • Monday: 3 miles (9:20 pace) on the treadmill at the gym, playing around with the speed. Then did two weight circuits at the gym, 2x’s through: (40 minutes)

    -resistance lunge to toe taps
    -squat press with kettlebells (20lbs in each hand)
    -pushup and tire flip (pushup on the tire, then flip it)
    -squat (30lbs)

    – weighted wood chop (left)
    – weighted wood chop (right)
    -TRX rows
    -kettlebell swings (30lbs)

  • Tuesday: 4 miles (9:30 pace) on the treadmill. Stretching afterward.
  • Wednesday: 5 mile tempo run — 1 mile warmup, 3 miles at 8:30 min/mile, 1 mile cool down. Finished with a core workout.
  • Thursday: Afterburn class, 1 hour
  • Friday: rest day (mine and Bernie’s Valentine’s Day dinner date)
  • Saturday: 5.5 mile run along the streets before the snow storm. Didn’t wear my garmin so no clue on pace, but I know I had to slow down a lot with all the people on the sidewalk, snow-covered sidewalks and crosswalks, and traffic.
  • Sunday: Blizzard, rest day/shoveling

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I did this past week. Even though my run was painful on Saturday between all the snow and congested sidewalks, I’m glad I got out there and felt the pavement under my feet. My goal for this week is to try to get outside again before I go away to VT for the weekend.

Boston Snow 2015 | Blonde Bostonian

Koji’s look pretty much sums it up for me. #overit